Professional Computer Network Management Services

To start, IT Problem Solver will audit your Network hardware and software, providing advice on required upgrades, patches and updates, if required.

We also can perform a thorough audit of your company's infrastructure, identifying potential bottlenecks and providing advice on efficiency enhancements. Software you purchased "off the shelf" can be examined to determine if it truly meets your needs and what configuration updates should be made to take full advantage of these programs.

Once your network is brought to its optimum level, IT Problem Solver will provide periodic remote checking of servers and workstations to an agreed checklist identifying problems found with advice on possible solutions. Certificates of work will be provided on completion. With this service, we can keep your network up to date with the latest virus definitions and software updates.

In addition, our technicians will remotely administer the network resolving problems such as printing and workstation connection issues. Other remote services include creating/terminating user accounts, creating new email accounts and managing external connections such as any proxy server connection to deny or grant access to Websites.

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