Email Protection and Email Security Services

IT Problem Solver's Email Protection Service acts as a shield for your email messaging infrastructure. Our system enhances your network architecture, extending the capacities and useful life of the security investments already made as well as ensuring greater efficiency and user productivity.

IT Problem Solver and our partners employ a fully redundant and geographically dispersed network of servers. This distributed architecture ensures you a highly reliable and seamless means of layering protection on top of your present email infrastructure without a moment's disruption to staff.

The architecture itself acts as the first layer of protection. The distributed nature of the design automatically protects you from network-based hazards such as mail bombs as well as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.


  • No hardware or software to install and maintain
  • Seamless implementation in minutes
  • Easy Web-based administration
  • Freed up network resources
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Lower legal liability
  • Secure global network protection
  • 99.999% service availability guarantee
  • 100% historic uptime
  • 98% Spam accuracy
  • .00001% False Positives
  • Viruses blocked before they enter your network
  • Cost effective with immediate ROI

The IT problem Solver Email Protection Service includes the following features:

  • Spam Filtering

    Our spam filter automatically eliminates "junk" e-mail or "spam" from each user’s mailbox, protecting workers from unwanted distractions and interruptions. With the ever-increasing amount of unsolicited e-mail arriving daily, protection is an important means of saving time and staying focused on important work at hand.

  • Virus Scanning

    Virus Filter detects and eliminates viruses before they enter your network. The IT Problem Solver system utilizes two leading virus scanners on the market: Trend Micro and Sophos. Our network receives virus definition updates every 10 minutes. All inbound e-mails as well as attachments are scanned through both engines insuring the most complete protection possible.

  • Attachment Blocking & Filtering

    The Attachment Filter is positioned to reject messages with certain types of file attachments before they enter the corporate e-mail system. This feature is the first layer of defense to ensure potentially destructive files, such as “.vbs” and “.exe”, do not gain access to the customer's e-mail infrastructure. E-Mails with blocked attachments are sent to Quarantine for administrative review.

  • Content Filter

    The Content Filter gives administrators the ability to block messages based on content found in the message subject as well as the message body. Messages can also be blocked based on character sets (i.e. language types). Any blocked messages are delivered to Quarantine for administrative review.

  • Policy Filter

    The Policy Filter allows administrators to block messages based on message size as well as number of recipients.

  • Black & White Listing

    The Black and White lists give customers the ability to block or allow e-mail messages based on domain name, e-mail sender and/or e-mail recipient. IT Problem Solver offers domain wide black/white lists at the administrative level as well as the option to let individual users set up their own custom black/white lists.

  • Store & Forward

    The Store & Forward feature operates as a backup server, protecting the customer’s network from lost or bounced e-mail. Each day, corporate e-mail servers refuse messages for a variety of reasons including: unscheduled downtime, server overload, server crashes, maintenance windows and connectivity problems - locally or to the Internet. Due to Store & Forward feature, all undelivered e-mails are held on the network for up to ten days or longer if necessary.

  • Permission Based E-Mail

    Permission Based E-Mail is for those users who want to eliminate 100% of spam messages in their inbox. Enabling this feature will block all incoming e-mail until authenticated and approved by the recipient. This feature is optional on an individual user basis.

  • Outbound SMTP

    The Outbound Virus Filter scans all outbound e-mail and attachments prior to delivery. Using our proprietary tools and two leading virus-scanning engines, Trend Micro and Sophos, this service enhances the capability of a company to catch and kill viruses.

  • Detailed Reporting

    We provide a unique range of reporting services allowing e-mail administrators an unparalleled view into the use or abuse of their e-mail servers. IT Problem Solver provides each customer with a wide variety of online reports in order to help manage internal e-mail usage.

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