Professional Software Programming Services

We offer custom software development services which will help your company to work more efficiently, to cut costs and increase your business value. As a customer-oriented company, we try to learn all about your business and your goals before everything else to ensure that the technologies and solutions we offer will respond to your needs in the best way. We apply the world's best practices in software development:


Microsoft .NET is a software technology which, according to Microsoft, was created to connect information, people, systems and devices. It is based on Web services – small applications that use Internet to connect with other applications. Microsoft .NET enables applications to interconnect across different platforms, software and programming languages.

The main advantages of Microsoft.NET are:

  • Makes programming easier thanks to Web services
  • Allows the use of different programming languages
  • Offers an integrated set of tools for building and integrating Web services

The Microsoft.NET expertise that we have gained while working with different Microsoft development environments such as C#, ASP .NET, VB .NET or WinForms enables us to offer our customers a broad range of Microsoft.NET software development services:

  • .NET custom software development
  • .NET development consulting
  • .NET stand-alone and Web application development
  • Mobile applications development (.NET Compact Framework)
  • Migration to .NET platform
  • Legacy .NET applications updating, enhancement and support

Java Enterprise

J2EE - Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition – is the set of standards for developing distributed multitier Java applications. The main goal of J2EE specifications is to assure application scalability and data consistency during the system work. The components of Java EE such as Enterprise, JavaBeans, servlets, portlets and others allow developers to build cross-platform enterprise applications.

The benefits of J2EE platform are:

  • Application scalability
  • Wide selection of development tools and components
  • Flexible and secure solutions
  • Easier architecture due to component based model
  • Integration with legacy systems, including JCA (Java Connector Architecture), JDBC (Java DataBase            Connectivity), JMS (Java Message Service), Java IDL (Java Interface Definition Language), JavaMail         API, JTA and JTS (Java Transaction API)

To maximize our customers’ business performance through effective IT investment in J2EE software development, IT Problem Solver provides a comprehensive set of enterprise-class software development services based on the J2EE platform:

  • Java custom software development
  • Java application development consulting
  • J2ME development
  • Web application development using J2EE frameworks
  • Application migration to Java/J2EE
  • Migration of application servers

Microsoft SharePoint Products

Windows SharePoint Services is the platform which enables users to work with others more efficiently thanks to document collaboration and information sharing. The Microsoft SharePoint environment is flexible and easy to deploy, administrate and develop applications. User can save documents, ideas and other information at SharePoint sites and allow others to see and/or use it.

The strong points of Microsoft SharePoint products include:

  • Better user experience due to familiar and easy Microsoft interface
  • Advanced document sharing and collaboration
  • Comprehensive document search solution
  • Single solution for intranet, extranet and internal Internet applications

In today’s age of globalized internal communication and collaboration, knowledge sharing is a vital element in driving business success as it enables companies dispersed geographically and organizationally to work as one team. Armed with the broad practical experience of implementation of SharePoint platform-based solutions, IT Problem Solver is able to solve a wide range of collaboration and information sharing tasks such as:

  • Intranet / Extranet development
  • Document management application development
  • Knowledge management software development
  • Collaboration tools development
  • Corporate portal development
  • Digital asset management system development is a Website offering subscription-based CRM (customer relationship management) service. This Web-based service includes tools for managing and tracking all the relationships with prospective and existing customers. The SalesForce platform also can be incorporated with other applications. IT Problem Solver can solve the problem of integration of the SalesForce into an existing infrastructure with ease.

The SalesForce benefits are as follows:

  • An integrated and fully customizable CRM solution
  • An easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Sales force, marketing and customer services automation

When you choose IT Problem Solver as a CRM vendor, you can be sure you will receive the maximum return on your CRM software investment. We provide superior custom relationship management solutions to boost your sales, increase customer loyalty and raise your revenue thorough higher customer profitability. Depending on your customer relationship management needs, budget and timeframe you can select from 2 options IT Problem Solver offer:

  • CRM stand-alone applications development
  • Integration the platform into legacy system

Please contact us to find out how IT Problem Solver can help your business through custom software development.

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