Safe and Secure Data Backup, Data Storage and Restoration

Backing up your company's data is one of the most overlooked tasks in small to medium sized companies. Managers often rely on simple routines to save data in the evening only to find that critical information was never added to the back-up lists or was saved improperly, making it useless when retrieved. And some back-up routines make restoration so difficult, it may seem easier to just re-do the work.

IT Problem Solver's technicians have lived through every scenario and have the experience to build an effective back up system that is quick to access. Periodic monitoring of the back-up system ensures that it is always up to date with the latest user accounts, network drives and new department data folders.

Our proactive approach gives you the security and peace of mind that your key customer, product and accounting information is always safe and secure.

Contact IT Problem Solver, Orange County (CA) specialist to get the expert advice and professional data backup and storage service.