Using keywords to optimize your Website

The first step towards improving your listing is selecting keyword phrases that best reflect your Web page.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

A keyword is a word that best describes your Web page. For example, if your Web page is focusing on dogs, your best keyword will be "dogs."

A keyword phrase is two or more words that best describe your Web page. If your Web page is focusing on grooming a dog, then your best keyword phrase will be "dog grooming."

When preparing your Web pages, you should concentrate on just a couple of keyword phrases (for each page) used in different variations. Avoid using general one-word keywords, as you definitely won't rank high in the Search Engines. For example, if your Website focuses on "dog grooming" you wouldn't want to use the word "dog" as one of your keywords. Why? Because it's too general. Instead, you may want to use a keyword phrase such as "dog grooming tips" or "how to groom dogs".

You have to put yourself in your potential visitors' shoes and imagine what words they will type into a Search Engine to find your site.

Selecting the BEST keyword phrases is the MOST important step towards optimizing your pages for the Search Engines.

Another great way to use keyword phrases is to use very unique words. For example, if you're selling computers, instead of using the word computers as a Keyword, use the specific brand name or model of the computer. This will drive highly targeted visitors to your Website.

Overture provides a wonderful tool that will enable you to type in a keyword, click on a button and receive a complete list of similar keyword phrases you can use.

If you would like to view some live searches to help you determine what keywords Internet users are searching for, visit any of the following sites:

(Caution - there are two live search options to choose from. One is filtered and the other one is not. The unfiltered searches may be offensive to some users. If this is the case, make sure you only view the filtered searches).