Configuring Entourage 2004 for Macintosh OS X

System Requirements
  • Mac OS X version 10.1 or later (The latest version of Mac OS X, available through Software Update, is recommended.)
  • Account on Exchange server
  • Campus network connection or access thru an Internet Service Provider

Note: Microsoft Office 2004 should already be installed and you should have an Exchange account, before you begin the configuration procedure.

Configuration Procedure
  1. Launch Microsoft Entourage.

    Important: If the Entourage Setup Assistant appears, exit the Setup Assistant and proceed to step 2. The Entourage Setup Assistant will not properly configure your account—we are working with Microsoft to resolve the problem.

  2. Select Tools | Accounts.

  3. Click on the Exchange tab and click on the New button.
  4. Click on the Configure account manually button.
  5. Enter an "Account name", e.g., Exchange.
  6. Enter your "Account ID" (Hawk ID), e.g., cjones.
  7. Enter your "Password" (Hawk ID password).
  8. Enter iowa in the "Domain" field.
  9. Enter in the "Exchange server" field.
  10. Enter your "Name", e.g., Chris Jones.
  11. Enter your "E-mail address", e.g.,
  12. Click on the Directory tab.
  13. Enter in the "LDAP server:" field.
  14. Enter dc=iowa,dc=uiowa,dc=edu in the "Search base:" field.

    Note: You may choose to omit "dc=iowa" if you want to search the entire Global Address List (GAL), rather than just the Iowa domain.

  15. Click on the Click here for advanced options button.
  16. Check the box Override default LDAP port, enter port number 3268 and click the Close box.
  17. Click on the Advanced tab.
  18. Enter in the "Public folders server" field.
  19. Under "Security", check the box DAV service requires secure connection (SSL).
  20. Click the OK button.
  21. Select Entourage | Preferences and highlight Calendar.
  22. Check the box Tentatively add events when invitations are received and click OK.