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IT Problem Solver products are designed to help companies and individuals achieve more with less time and effort through the use of cutting-edge technologies and the best practices in software development.

Here at IT Problem Solver, we believe that having no large IT department at your service doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from the latest information technologies and trends. That is why we bring our 7+ years experience in IT services industry and comprehensive software development expertise to provide you with an optimal solution you can trust both in the office and at home.

Online Takeout Ordering System
Smarter Takeout™ for Restaurants
* Boosts your revenue through online takeout sales
* Seamless integration with most POS software and websites
* Built on MS.NET

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Smarter Sync
SmarterSync™ new!
* Smart and reliable data backup and file synchronization
* Compatible with Microsoft Windows (including Vista)
* Free, fully functional 30-day trial version

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