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In today's world, networks are under constant attack from email viruses that attempt to delete key files, thieves trying to steal company information and disgruntled employees attempting to disrupt coworker's lives. Your hardware is also vulnerable to ventilation problems, failing components and careless abuse. When one or more of these events reaches a critical stage, your company's degraded network availability will ultimately result, costing you precious time and revenue.

When this happens, call IT Problem Solver. Our team of network professionals can quickly assess the situation and provide both temporary and long-term solutions for your company.

Companies as small as a five person firm are just as vulnerable as a company of five hundred. IT Problem Solver can quickly react to your company's needs, no matter the size. Best of all, we come to your aid with a positive attitude and the goal of restoring your business information system to its peak performance. Services include:

  • Network restoration
  • Virus resolution and eradication
  • Hardware diagnosis and repair
  • Temporary network hosting

"Preventative Medicine is the best cure"

It's only a matter of time until your network experiences a crippling attack. Don't wait until your business grinds to a halt. Take the proactive step and let IT Problem Solver audit your network today. We'll find the vulnerabilities and help you create a strong defense, so you won't have to worry about those midnight calls telling you your network is down.