Forming Win-win Partnerships

Based in Orange County, California, IT Problem Solver, Inc. was created in July 2000 when the company founders noticed an alarming trend: too many small to medium-sized companies were unable to capitalize on the latest business hardware and software advances. This widened the gap between smaller, customer-focused companies and their larger competitors who could afford enterprise-level hardware, software and staff. It was apparent that the smaller company would be at a competitive disadvantage every day.

Over the past years, IT Problem Solver has used innovative techniques to maximize the performance of small and medium-sized companies' information systems, helping them manage key customer and financial information better.

Each IT Problem Solver specialist understands that technology is only a tool for your business. That's why our audits, enhancements and services are recommended and provided when they make sense from a business standpoint. Our goal is to quickly assess a company's current situation rather than focus on its past faults. We provide an honest, dependable solution with measurable results. Our success is measured by the long-term relationships we build and the effectiveness of the services we provide.

Therefore, our mission is the following: IT Problem Solver aims to be an IT partner for any company, whether it consists of 5 or 500 employees, not just an IT services provider. We believe that your business is unique and deserves the latest advances in technology, hardware and software solutions in order to grow, compete and succeed.